Discover the hidden Storage Solutions from Häfele used inside The Block 2022 Freedom Kitchens. 


It’s safe to say that there is no such thing as too much storage within a kitchen. Maximising storage in such an important room, regardless of its size, is easy when you use any (or all) of our clever storage solutions that we offer thanks to our amazing supplier Häfele.

From pull-out pantries, integrated bins to cutlery trays, many were showcased within the amazing kitchens on The Block. Read on to learn about them in more detail.

Which will you include in your new Freedom Kitchen?


Butler’s Pantries 

Maximise accessibility and storage with our range of pantry solutions which will work incredibly well in both a main kitchen space as well as a butler’s pantry. We saw a few different options within The Block kitchens this season, including Häfele’s Mio, Tandem, and Pull-out Dispensa pantries. We loved how Ryan and Rachel and Scott Cam both used a double Tandem Pantry (shown below left) within their main kitchen spaces to ensure all cooking essentials are close at hand.

Add a pantry solution to your kitchen or butler’s pantry ensure that all your cooking essentials are within easy reach.


Kitchen Cooking Unit 

 The Häfele Mio Pull Out Pantry (shown above right) is another wonderful option, allowing full access to the back of the unit with adjustable baskets. Another exciting new addition is the Häfele Cooking Unit (below), which Ankur and Sharon used in their kitchen placed next to their oven and cooktop, which can hold knives, chopping boards, and various cooking ingredients.

The Häfele Cooking Unit is a life and time saver for any home chef.


Kitchen Corner Cupboards 

When planning your kitchen, ensure that that every inch of your room works hard for you. Create optimal access to tricky corner cupboards with Häfele’s LeMans Blind Corner Shelf. The design is now available in a stylish Anthracite colourway, offering two non-slip trays that smoothly swing out to allow full access to the contents stored within.

Allowing full access to typically awkward corner cabinets, Häfele’s LeMans Blind Corner Shelf in Anthracite is a must have in your new Freedom Kitchen.


Kitchen Bins 

Finally, the humble bin is often an over-looked element in kitchen design, but not here at Freedom Kitchens! Integrate your waste management within your joinery to balance style with function with Häfele’s NINKA Bins. Available in different sizes to fit your cabinetry, the pull-out waste bins allow for easy waste separation for general waste, recycling, FOGO and glass.

Simple yet effective an integrated bin will make waster management a breeze.

A tidy and organised kitchen is one that will be a joy to be in every day, and we hope that the above provides inspiration and ideas of how you can transform your kitchen with smart storage solutions.


Start your kitchen journey with us today and learn which storage accessories will enhance your kitchen design. 

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