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How soon can I have a kitchen designer visit me?2019-08-12T10:01:17+10:00

In most cases we can have a professional consultant in your home by the next business day.

I’ve paid the deposit on my kitchen and have changed my mind and want to cancel. Can I get my money back?2019-08-12T10:01:17+10:00

There is a 5-day cooling off period. Beyond this period, you have entered into a legal contract which states Freedom Kitchens is entitled to retain all reasonable costs and expected margin that would be derived from the job should it have proceeded to completion, subject to the non-excludable guarantees and warranties under Australian Consumer Law. The placement of a kitchen order generates significant work including the creation of original designs, check measuring, CAD drawings, and client account management.

What does my warranty cover?2019-08-12T10:01:17+10:00

Please refer to for details.

Does Freedom Kitchens carry out the installation of my kitchen?2019-08-12T10:01:17+10:00

Freedom Kitchens operates a design and supply-only business. We can provide you with the names of licensed tradespeople in your area who can assist you to install your kitchen. Any information we provide you should not be regarded as a recommendation and is for information purposes only. You should make your own enquiries and determination as to the tradespeople you ultimately engage to install your kitchen.

Can we install the kitchen ourselves?2019-08-12T10:01:17+10:00

Freedom Kitchens is a design and supply-only business. We offer a flat pack solution with the Essential kitchen range, which is a quality kitchen that arrives ready to assemble. However, for our Designer kitchen range, we strongly recommend you using tradespeople who are fully licensed and who have lots of experience in installing kitchens. Talk to your proposed tradespeople before you engage them and ask them to provide references and examples of their recent work.

Can you remove our existing kitchen?2019-08-12T10:01:18+10:00

Yes, for a fee, the site checker can arrange for your existing kitchen to be removed and disposed of.

Do you do flat pack kitchens?2019-08-12T10:01:18+10:00

For those able to install themselves, we provide a range of quality, ready to assemble kitchens that represent outstanding value: the Essential kitchen range. Learn more about the Essential kitchen range here.

Our Designer kitchen range is Australian made and manufactured locally. These kitchens are delivered as complete units fully assembled, ready for installation.

Do you replace or sell single units (eg. a pantry, handles, benchtops)?2019-08-12T10:01:18+10:00

We specialise in the sale of complete kitchens but previous customers may add some of our inclusions to their kitchen.

How do I look after my kitchen (in terms of cleaning and maintenance)?2019-08-12T10:01:18+10:00

On completion we provide you with a brochure with tips on maintaining and enjoying your new kitchen.

What should I do if I have a compliment or complaint?2019-08-12T10:01:18+10:00

Have your job number ready when you call our Customer Service team on 1800 113 733 or email

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