Freedom Kitchens 2024 Trends Forecast

As this year draws to a close, now is the perfect time to start planning an exciting renovation project – and what could be more exciting than transforming your kitchen in 2024? With so many exciting colours, styles, and products to choose from, it can be daunting to get started. Which is why here at Freedom Kitchens we offer a free design service with our expert designers to take the guess work out of this important room. Below we take a closer look at the hottest trends we’re excited to see in 2024 – and beyond.

Read on to be inspired!


1. Top cabinet colours.

Expect to see a focus on kitchen cabinetry colours that lean into natural and organic shades and textures in 2024. White remains incredibly popular but there will be a shift away from bright pure whites to warmer shades – our Amaro doors are a perfect choice to get the look. Timber-inspired joinery will also take centre stage – we love our Nordic Oak doors as they evoke the texture and natural beauty of timber, adding warmth and brining the outside into your kitchen. 

Paired together, our Amaro Smooth and Nordic Oak Cabinetry combine beautifully in this Coastal Luxe home in Miami Queensland that we created with interior design legend Darren Palmer. 

2. Top cabinet profile styles. 

While the classic shaker-style door will continue to feature as a key door profile in 2024, we’re excited to see a rise in more subtle designs that allow other elements to shine in your kitchen design. Solid flat doors in smooth, matte, or textured finishes will suit a variety of kitchen styles from modern to Mid-Century looks; while thin profile edges such as our Cora or Sierra IV kitchen cabinets are a contemporary yet timeless options for designs that lean into coastal or farmhouse aesthetic. 

Freedom Kitchens’ 40mm Shaker-profile Sierra IV doors shown in Dry Sage (left) and Cora in Amaro (right) featured throughout the Country-inspired series of The Block in 2022. 

3. Top benchtop colours & materials 

Next to your kitchen cabinet section, your benchtop colours and material choices will make a big impact on not only how your kitchen looks, but how it functions as well. While we offer an extensive range of mineral benchtop solutions, consider our premium laminate designs for your kitchen renovation in 2024. A laminate benchtop is a practical and economical addition as they offer low maintenance and easy to clean surfaces, are highly durable and come in a variety of colours including stone and timber looks. 

Designer tip: Laminate benchtops are also perfect for laundries. By updating your kitchen and laundry room at the same time, you can match your cabinetry and countertops in both rooms to create a cohesive and seamless look in your home. We love our Natural Halifax Oak (left) and Chalk Ceramic shades as the suit a variety of styles.

4. Top handle styles & colours.

Handles are a small detail in a kitchen with the potential to make a big impact! While our extensive collection of handle designs means that there is something for everyone and every kitchen style, we are most excited to see a rise in Integrated and Cup Pull handles next year. Our integrated Peak handles are effortlessly modern and minimalist, while Cup Pull handles in black and brass provide a hint of old-world charm to kitchen designs that celebrate the classic Hamptons, Country, or French Provincial style.

Icons Jules & Guy Sebastian opted for sleek Peak integrated handles throughout their modern Freedom Kitchen (left), while The Block’s host Scott Cam selected our Hampton Wide Cup Pull 96mm Matt Black handles in his kitchen that he created on The Block in 2022.

5. Top kitchen ‘styles’.

While there are many kitchen looks that we’re loving in 2024 and beyond, our top 3 picks would have to be Coastal, Mid-Century, and Farmhouse. Which one you select will largely depend on your own aesthetic, your home, lifestyle and even where you are located. The Coastal style endures as it lends itself so perfectly to the Australian lifestyle and landscape- think a mixture of warm whites, timber, marble-look benches, and brass handles. No matter where you’re located, a Farmhouse-inspired kitchen space will evoke a sense of warmth and welcoming, while Modern Mid-Century designs are making a comeback with a focus on flat-profiled cabinetry, concrete-inspired surfaces, and a mixture of natural tones such as timber and glass combining for an effortlessly modern and chic look.

Designer tip. Not sure what your dream kitchen style is? Not to worry- your expert kitchen designer will work this out with you- and how to bring it to life- in your free design consult.

6. Top 3 storage ‘must-haves’.

The perfect kitchen is one that not only looks great but is highly functional too, and one key element that you want to get right is having enough storage. A tidy and organised kitchen is one that will be a joy to be in every day, with out collection of smart storage accessories making organisation a breeze. Hidden Gems such as Pull out Pantries, Ninka Bins, and Corner Pull Outs allow you to utilise every inch of the space with easy-to-access solutions.

Corner carousels (left) make those pesky corner cupboards a breeze to access and organise, pull-out pantries (middle) provide full access to the back of the unit and feature adjustable shelving, while our integrated Ninka Bins (right) are a firm favourite as the storage solution you never know you needed but can’t live without!

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen and create your dream space in 2024, why wait? Book an in-store, in-home or virtual appointment or download our Ideas & Inspiration Catalogue today to find out more about our products.