After an incredibly difficult selection process, with so many deserving entries, the Today show has announced the 5 winners of a Freedom Kitchen worth $20,000!

All of the winners are everyday Aussies dealing with an array of adversities, such as Vivien’s story featured on Ch9’s Today show this morning.

Vivien is a NSW mother of two beautiful boys, and she has battled serious health issues for the past decade. 

The first signs came a month before marrying her husband Angelo – the diagnosis of a pituitary tumour in her brain was just the beginning of their battle.

Two years later, Vivien fell pregnant – and unfortunately, at around the 5 month mark she discovered that she also had breast cancer.   Enduring extensive chemo while pregnant certainly wasn’t ideal, but despite this she beat the cancer and happily had her first child.

However the complications didn’t end there for Vivien, as the chemo resulted in her developing an autoimmune disease which affects her muscles, joints and skin.

During it all, Vivien and Angelo tried to renovate their home. However funds soon ran out, and they’ve been living with their make-shift temporary kitchen ever since.  Vivien said, “The kitchen is the heart of the home, but I never really wanted to have people over to entertain”.

Well, soon they will be able to do just that.

Throughout their battles, Vivien and her family has stayed strong and now, they can finally can enjoy a bit of luck, as one of the very deserving winners of our kitchens worth $20,000!

Congratulations to all of the 5 winners below – we can’t wait to create your dream kitchens for you!


Vivien Vassos – NSW
Natalie Heterick – NSW
Nicole Perrie – NSW
Karen Psaila – VIC
Yvonne Purcell – QLD

Click here to watch Vivien and her family’s story and winning moment aired on the Today show.