EuroCucina 2024 Kitchen Trends 

A biennial highlight on our calendar, the renowned EuroCucina Fair has just concluded in Milan, Italy. Serving as the benchmark kitchen event on an international scale, EuroCucina is an integral part of the annual Salone Del Mobile Milano (Milan Furniture Fair), spotlighting design features, furnishing solutions, and cutting-edge material and technological innovations. Our Freedom Kitchens design team had returned brimming with inspiration and insights on how to integrate these trends into Australian kitchens and homes.

This year, kitchen cabinetry emerged as a focal point of kitchen design at the Fair. From finishes and profiles to hardware and beyond, distinct cabinet trends captured attention, emphasising the pivotal role of joinery selection in shaping the overall design of the space. Below, we highlight the top five trends that left a lasting impression. 

1. Midas Touch 

A standout trend from EuroCucina 2024 was the emphasis on materials used for cabinetry. Metals like steel, aluminium, and brushed brass took centre stage, ensuring that cabinetry became a defining feature within kitchen displays. These metal finishes perfectly complemented state-of-the-art kitchen appliances, resulting in spaces that were not only tactile and inviting, but also exuded a sense of luxury. 

Metal Island Bench
Metal textured panel for cabinetry

2. Sleek & Seamless


In keeping with the celebration of contemporary and futuristic design, cabinet profiles were kept flat to suit a sleek and modern look. Panelled joinery also featured, but more as a small feature within predominately flat doors. Likewise, handles tended to merge with and compliment doors and drawers, either colour-matched with the cabinetry or featuring integrated designs. 

Metal Striped Look Cabinetry

3. On Display

Open shelving, glass cabinets, and wall panel systems were prominent features across the stands at the Fair, offering a refreshing break from traditional blocks of cabinetry while striking a balance between storage and display. Enhanced by integrated vertical lighting, these systems serve as captivating focal points in kitchens, seamlessly combining form and function.

Glass cabinets often showcased glassware and dinnerware, with styling décor also mixed in, adding a sense of personalisation that is so important with the room that is the heart of the home. 

Display Shelves above oven
Display Units within Cabinetry

4. Colour Play

Moving away from bright whites, cabinetry colour at the Fair this year was dominated by neutral tones in keeping with an emphasis on metal finishes which evokes a feeling of luxury and uniqueness. Bold dark textured woodgrain-inspired joinery also featured heavily, providing texture and depth to colour palettes. However, there were pops of colour, with pink the standout hue in shades of light burgundy, salmon, and rosé which was exciting to see. 

Pink/rose gold metallic style benchtop with white and pink marbled detail
Grey Metal Look Industrial style benchtop

5. Soft vs Shape Lines

While modern, sleek, and flat cabinetry took the spotlight, rounded edges were cleverly incorporated to add a touch of softness. A sense of craftsmanship was beautifully showcased through mitred and rounded cabinets and shelves. For instance, kitchen drawers often boasted mitred ledges or rounded edges that also served as handles.

We were particularly impressed by how this organic cabinetry shape was harmoniously paired with kitchen benchtops. Some featured similar rounded profiles, creating a seamless aesthetic, while others opted for defined square edges that contrasted with the softer design of the cabinets and open shelving.

Rounded handles built into the cabinetry

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