Kitchen design tips for your ultimate entertainer kitchen

With the festive season upon us, let’s talk kitchen design for entertaining.

If you’re planning to host Christmas lunch, you may be starting to feel some ‘hosting anxiety’ start to set in.

Will your guests be bumping into each other within the poor layout, threatening to knock the turkey off the benchtop after too many champagnes?

How will you respond when your show-off cousin Chantelle judges your kitchen’s lack of storage space (like she does every year)?

And how are you actually going to cook for that many people, when your appliances are more outdated than the tea kettle cosies that your grandmother gifts you?

It’s enough to make you wish you just got Christmas catered.

If you were too late to take action and change your kitchen situation in time for Christmas, take heart – you WILL make it through. Simply start telling your guests all about the fantastic kitchen renovation you’re planning for early 2018… then call Freedom Kitchens to make it happen!

Here are 3 tips to consider when designing your entertainer kitchen:


An island benchtop, that is. If your current space allows for it, there’s no better way to create a social space in your kitchen for friends and family to gather. It will become the hub and a central focus in your new kitchen, so consider a beautiful and hardwearing finish like Caesarstone, which comes in a myriad of colours sure to impress your guests.


A butler’s pantry is a luxury that everyone deserves – a secret space integrated to blend with your kitchen cabinetry. It’s like a little room complete with sink that you can hide away all the mess while entertaining, and leave it there till the morning. Definitely #kitchengoals.


While we’re talking integration, be sure to consider integrated appliances for streamlined style. You can integrate your dishwasher, coffee machine, rubbish bin, and even your fridge within cabinetry, if you choose. Showcase appliances that add wow factor and will be a talking point – like a bank of integrated wall ovens.

So, as with many things,  it all comes down to planning. You can make sure that your kitchen is best designed for entertaining if you plan ahead.

To design and create the kitchen of your dreams in time for your next party, contact Freedom Kitchens to book a free design appointment today.