Adding elements of timber to your kitchen is a wonderful way to add warmth and texture to your space. It can be incorporated into your design in a number of ways from cabinetry to benchtops, and suits a variety of kitchen styles and colour palettes.

Below we reveal our favourite ways to include timber in your kitchen and the rest of your home.



Timber-look cabinetry is the perfect way to add texture and warmth into your kitchen. An all timber-look door design is definitely not for the faint of heart, so you may like to consider a simple run of timber-look back cabinetry paired with a predominately classic white or black palette for a classic yet modern look.


Timber also complements a range of kitchen styles. Select a light tone such as our Rural Oak Chalk for a fresh take on a Coastal or Scandi look. For a bolder, richer style we love to use a warmer timber tone such as our Impressions Jericho Nuance. Finally, if you love the mid-century Modern look, our new decorative, vertical fluted door profile Verity in Prime Oak Matt is the perfect choice.

Open Shelving.

Open shelving is a great way to add interest in a kitchen and to break up a continuous run of cabinetry. Timber shelfs work beautifully with any colour scheme and offer the perfect backdrop for kitchen essentials and decor items to be put out on display. If you have timber flooring or accessories such a timbers stools in your kitchen, we love to match the timber tones with that of the open shelves for a harmonious look.



A timber benchtop can make a true statement in your kitchen. Many people shy away from solid timber countertops due to concerns over water damage and the maintenance they incur, however our Premium Halifax Oak laminate tops are the perfect solution. The authentic texture of timber is achieved through knots and planking to create a natural wood-feel, and vertical grain edging is applied at the end of the run, mimicking solid timber.



Here at Freedom Kitchens we think of handles as the finishing touch to your overall kitchen design and any other rooms in your home. Timber handles are a simple yet impactful choice to complete a chic Scandi-inspired room, and work well throughout the home, such as our bar and knob designs that we offer within our Freedom Wardrobes range.

Use it in other rooms!


Home Office





Timber works incredibly well throughout your entire home, not just in your kitchen! Consider incorporating it in your new Freedom laundry, wardrobe and home office to add a touch of natural beauty and warmth to these rooms. It can be simple as adding a timber handle to sleek cabinetry, timber open shelving, to a feature benchtop; whichever works best with your design and style. The options are endless and our designers are here to help you choose the best solution for you.

Ready to transform your kitchen, laundry, wardrobe and/or home office with a touch of timber? Don’t wait – start your journey with us today!

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