One of the first and most essential steps in planning your new Freedom Kitchen is picking the perfect layout. Selecting the most suitable floorplan for your home will depend on a number of factors including space, workflow and appliances. A successful layout maximises the efficiency of the three key zones in the kitchen or ‘working triangle’ as it is commonly known: food prep, cooking and cleaning.

From U-shape and L-shape to a design that includes an island bench, below are the most popular and common kitchen layouts in Australian homes. If you’re looking for kitchen layout ideas then read on, and speak to us today to make your new Freedom Kitchen come to life!

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Suitable for both small and large spaces, U-shaped kitchens are the perfect choice for busy households that love to spend time in the kitchen. This layout is typically made up of three walls featuring cabinetry, appliances and benchtops that are all joined to resemble a ‘U’ shape.

This configuration allows for appliances to be placed within easy reach of each other, as well as flexibility of design. For example, you may like to create one side with a generous benchtop creating a causal seating/dining area, perfect for Australian lifestyles and homes.

What are the Advantages of a U Shaped Kitchen?

  • Suitable for small and large spaces
  • Appliances are placed within easy reach of each other
  • Flexibility of design
  • Generous benchtop
  • Ideal for a household that spends time in the kitchen
  • Can create a seating/dining area with the design
U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Galley Kitchen Layout

Galley Kitchen Layout

A galley kitchen is a highly functional design for most homes, in particular for small and narrow spaces. Opt for one simple run or two parallel runs of cabinetry and tops, forming a central corridor within your house. This style optimises storage and allows the shortest access to the working zones.

Design tip: If your floorplan permits, adding a countertop to create a seating/ dining zone (as seen above) is a wonderful addition to the galley layout.

What are the Advantages of a Galley Kitchen?

  • Ideal for small and narrow spaces
  • Highly functional design
  • Forms a central corridor within your home
  • Optimises storage
  • Reduces access to working zones
  • Option to add a seating/dining zone
Galley Kitchen Layout

Galley with Island Bench Kitchen Layout

Galley with Island Bench Kitchen Layout

Adding an island bench to a galley kitchen creates a space that works hard and looks beautiful too. Creating an entertainers dream, island benches provide opportunity for seating and socialising and offers a stunning design focal point in any kitchen. While sitting pretty in the heart of the room, it also provides a plethora of storage – a ‘must have’ in any kitchen!

What are the Advantages of a Galley Kitchen with Island Bench?

  • Ideal for medium to large homes
  • Highly functional whilst looking great
  • Provides lots of storage
  • Increases food preparation space
  • Creates a focal point and social hub
Galley with Island Bench Kitchen Layout

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Consisting of two main sides meeting at a right angle with an open space in the middle, an L-shaped kitchen is an incredibly efficient layout and perfect for open plan living. A flexible design allows you to place the cooking, cleaning and prep zones how you wish, while keeping them within easy reach of each other.

With the generous open space that the L-shaped kitchen provides, consider including an island bench into your design. It will add additional prep area and storage space, and is the perfect location for seating within your room.

Design tip:
Our extensive range of accessories and storage solutions will add to the functionality of your kitchen. For example, we love to use corner carousels and blind corner Le Mans shelves to maximise otherwise tricky corner cupboards found in L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens.

What are the Advantages of an L Shaped Kitchen?

  • Ideal for medium to large family homes
  • Efficient layout
  • Perfect open plan living
  • Cooking, cleaning and prep zones with easy reach of each other
  • Add an island bench to the design for more prep and storage space
L-Shaped Kitchen Layout